Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek Watershed Project

Mud, Camp, and Spring Creeks are located in the eastern half of Polk County. Together, the creeks and their tributaries traverse over 50 miles and their watersheds cover 64,511 acres. While most of the watershed is located in the rural environment, there is a large potential for development in the coming years. Cities like Altoona, Bondurant and Pleasant Hill are rapidly expanding into the watershed already.


An aerial view of the Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek Watersheds

Because of the large agricultural area in the watersheds, high levels of nutrients and sediment entering the water is a main concern. A watershed management plan has been developed to address these concerns. This plan outlines practices landowners can use to reduce the amounts of nutrients and sediment leaving their land. This plan will also aim to implement conservation practices to manage storm water and the pollutants that accompany it in the cities as well as the areas to be developed.


The Polk SWCD has completed a stream assessment in all three creeks. This assessment data was then used to find high priority areas which will benefit the most from conservation practices.

For more information on the Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek watersheds please visit


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