Ag Resource Management

The District can assist you with any resource concern: soil, water, air, plants, or animals.

Our local (Polk SWCD), state (Iowa Department of Agricultural and Land Stewardship-Division of Soil Conservation) and federal (Natural Resources Conservation Service) staff provide free technical assistance in protecting these resources and can also assist with applications for funding assistance.

There are a variety of practices that can be used to work towards overcoming a resource concern. Most practices have multiple benefits and may be able to address more than one resource concern. Practices are not a “one size fits all” solution and may not work in all locations. This is where your local, state, and federal agencies can help! Below you will find some information on common agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs). If you click on the practice name a link will take you to more information about it.



Grassed Waterway

Conservation Cover

Grassed Waterway


Prescribed/Managed Grazing

Streambank Stabilization

Filter Strips

Contour Buffer Strips

Farmstead Windbreak

Grade Stabilization Structure

Water and Sediment Control Basins

Nutrient Management

Pest Management

Wildlife Habitat

Residue Management


Saturated Buffer

Cover Crops

All technical assistance follows the USDA-NRCS Field Office Technical Guide Specifications for practices. It is recommended that your contractor follow these specifications. For more information on a specific practice, you can view the Iowa Conservation Practice Standards.


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